Whether you’ve been in real estate for 18 days or 18 years,
if you haven’t achieved the success you really want,
you need to read this book.

You entered real estate for the upside: interesting work, flexible hours, and the potential to make good money, right?
But the median gross income for the 1.2 million REALTORS® in the United States is just over $42,000 per year! That’s about $21 per hour (if you only work 40 hours per week) with no paid vacation, no paid sick leave, and rarely any company health insurance plan.
Is this what you signed up for?
You’re a goal-setter and a go-getter. You work hard and you’re smart. You’ve learned the business and put long hours into it. Yet, it still seems like a struggle. Always chasing your next client, listing, or commission check. Spending weekends and evenings on work, not with family. Getting tossed around by a market you can’t control.
You’ve done everything you’ve been taught, but it’s still not enough. What’s the secret?
Doing things differently than you’ve ever been taught.
Krista Mashore says, “I’ve been in the Top 1% of all Realtors nationally for 15 years, not because I’m smarter or work harder than everyone else. It’s because I research and implement specific techniques that catapult me to where I am.”
In this book, Krista Mashore will give you step by step instructions and show you how to:
•Close over 90% of your listing presentations before you even walk in the door.
•Generate legitimate leads while you sleep.
•Use the secrets of Fortune 500 companies to build an active and loyal client base.
•Use socialized marketing to gain your community’s respect and become the go-to Community Market Leader® in your area.
•Make over 100 deals per year (or whatever your goal is) using the power of social media and technology.
•Create a business model that fits your desired lifestyle and gives you true time flexibility.
•Build a sustainable business with a consistent, reliable income stream— no matter what the market is doing!

“If you implement even 50% of what I recommend in this book, I know your business will at least double within the first eighteen months.”
— Krista Mashore
Based in Northern California, Realtor® Krista Mashore sold 69 homes in her first year and has personally sold over 100 homes every year since. On track to sell 200 homes this year, Krista now also coaches and trains brokers and agents throughout the U.S. on cutting edge real estate techniques and technologies.