Captain Katherine Kane, an explosives expert, receives an urgent summons for help by a tactical team member in a highly classified location that coincides with her mission to investigate a possible GRID connection to a bioweapons cache. GRID is a ruthless terrorist organization that deals in black-market weapons, technology and body doubles. Body doubles successfully inserted into key high-level government jobs for the purpose of stealing classified program secrets GRID can sell.

Aided by the Classified Outpost commander, Major Nathan Forester, Kate finds the weapons cache and far more, and the diabolical GRID-meister, Thomas Kunz, wants her dead for disrupting his operation. Kate must be killed now. Now, when the isolated loner, Kate, most wants to live.

Kate and Nathan collide, and for the first time in her life, Kate knows exactly what the most powerful weapon of all is. But does she dare to use it?

Her life, she willingly risks for her country. But risking her heart proves far more difficult—and potentially more deadly.