This comprehensive volume contains not only the words to illustrate the sights, smells and sounds of carnage on an epic scale, but offers descriptions of monsters (both inside and out) in great detail.

This book contains:

Ready-made brainstorming outlines including research, wordlists, ideas and hundreds of scenarios, covering everything from vicious swarms of bugs to necrotic zombies. 

Discover why killers murder and understand the twisted logic of a person who snaps when ‘’triggered’’ over first world problems.

The victim’s defence toolkit includes a list of improvised weapons and the actions to describe how they hack, stab and batter their way to freedom. 

Furthermore, an exhaustive outline of dangerous lands is covered to aid in describing jungles, haunted houses, destroyed cities and the terrain of alien planets.

Never again will you find yourself at a loss for words to illustrate the symptoms of a deadly pandemic or a rotting ghoul’s appearance and smell! 

A critical eye also gets cast over the many types of lone wolves and war-torn veterans who live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

With so much to choose from you can create characters who assist the human communities they encounter or look out for themselves.


This book stuffed full of scenarios and character traits for writers and is an excellent resource for those interested in creating unique situations in role-playing games. 

This must-have book ignites the flames of imagination and will help anyone stuck behind a wall of writer’s block smash through and get back to writing!