Tessa Watkins was Living a Quiet Life in the West

Until a Stranger Rides Into Town

Soon, Tessa is Experiencing More Than Just How to Shoot a Pistol...

Tessa Watkins was living a simple life working as a school teacher in the wilds of Texas, that is until Cindy - Quick Fire Red - Mathias rides into town. The townsfolk notice the new stranger too, but it's only when Cindy turns up at Tessa's school to drop her little boy off, that Tessa takes any real interest.

She can't take her eyes off the super attractive, charismatic red-head, but why did Cindy leave the last town so quickly? 

It isn't long before their relationship develops, but it seems that Cindy wants to show Tessa more than just how to shoot old tin cans off a picket fence...

Tessa Takes Texas is a fast paced, erotic, adult-themed western. With Quick Fire Red in town, the Wild West has never been so much fun!