Dreams really do come true in the carnival…

Dazzlingly talented and uniquely resourceful, Ringmaster's daughter Rilla Jolly has lived her whole life under the bright lights of the big top, using her natural showmanship to help create the magic of the circus for the thousands of people who flock to their travelling show every week.

However, what no one outside the carnival realizes is that the Jolly Carnival really does have magic, and at every stop, they secretly grant a wish to one lucky punter.

But now something dark and evil is threatening their charmed existence and no one other than Rilla seems to realize how deep the problems go, or how much it will take to fix them.

Rilla must uncover the truth—whatever it takes—before the magic runs out and the carnival is destroyed. 

Will she find the strength to do what needs to be done? Or will they be cursed forever?

Fans of the magic, romance and intrigue found in books such as The Night Circus and Caraval will enjoy this new take on the story of the circus...