This workbook outlines five steps for taking medications. It provides exercises to explore the need for medications, and asks the reader to take stock of his or her recovery. A brief outline of the steps follows.

The first step is to stop taking anything not prescribed for you. This includes alcohol and other drugs, over-the-counter medications, and anything prescribed for your spouse or significant other. Although you may share your love, life, and soul, with this person, do not share his or her medications.

The second step, which should be done at the same time as the first, is finding a doctor familiar with addiction and recovery. Just because your doctor or dentist has been to medical or dental school, does not mean he or she understands addiction.

The third step involves working with your doctor to eliminate all unnecessary medications. Sometimes that means stopping a medication right away, sometimes it means tapering off medication. 

The fourth step is treating whatever still needs treatment. Treatments other than medications are considered first. Medications that are not habit-forming are considered next. Anything that might be addictive is considered only as a last resort.

The fifth step is to take stock and reevaluate the need for prescribed medications. We suggest taking stock frequently.