If you could erase one day from your life, would you do it? Cleo would.

On a chilly fall day, Cleo Tait is hoping that her undefined relationship with Harris Cox, the son of a U.S. Senator, will finally become official. Heading to a secluded lake for the day, their plans are interrupted by a shocking accident. Usually aggressive and in control, Cleo is unnerved by Harris's disturbing calm as he covers up the evidence of their crime with the help of his politically powerful father. Entrapped into secrecy, she ultimately loses the thing she loves most.

Fifteen years later, Cleo still hasn't recovered from that devastating day. Obsessed with getting back the life she lost, she makes an impulsive decision that changes everything. When things don't go the way she'd hoped, suspicion and jealousy drive her to increasingly erratic behavior. How far is she willing to go? Soon everyone she knows is entangled in her web of lies and deceit. Can anyone get out unscathed, or are some things just inevitable?

Related By Blood is a gripping psychological thriller with an unforgettable ending and characters that get under your skin. Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and Shari Lapena.

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This Kindle Short Read is Book Two in a serial. Book One is available free on Amazon. The series should be read in order.

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