Loving your neighbor just got easier!




Wouldn't life be great if we treated each other better?


What if we all focused our efforts on loving God and people? (Matthew 22:37-40) Looking around at the way humans are treating each other, it seems that we need a refresher course on how to do that.

Author Laura Domino, having experienced the thrill of volunteering locally and internationally, helps women build love and kindness in their community.

5 Powerful Ways to Show Love is the pathway to more powerful love. It walks you through easy-to-follow examples as you learn to set in place the building blocks of a kinder, more loving community.

In 5 Powerful Ways to Show Love, you'll discover:


  • How to plant seeds of love around you every day
  • How your words affect your family and friends and even strangers
  • How to show more of God's love to people while using your unique experiences
  • How to journal through the changes you encounter in your community


If you like seeing positive change in your community, you'll love Laura Domino's inspirational tips.

Love is power. Anyone can do this. Kids, parents, even grandparents. Try it for yourself!

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