Welcome to the Universe picks up where Welcome to the Galaxy left off.
Because of the accidental discovery of immunity to the effects of the deadly toxin, Flock, Humanity is now living and building stardrive engines on Mars for the Galactic Association of Stardrive Manufacturers and Engineers (GASME).
But the Utaalks, a race of lobster like creatures, are incensed at losing their manufacturing monopoly and scheme to sabotage the Human factory.
Meanwhile, a secret military operation has been dispatched from Earth to demonstrate the effectiveness of Flock as a weapon of mass destruction on a remote planet. If the test is successful, humans will hold the key to claim dominion over the entire galaxy. The result of the mission is the ultimate meeting of Humans with their long lost cousins, the Smez, the original inhabitants of Mars.
And check out the spinoff inspirational book Generating Effluence. Ekard Popache combines his experience and insights with the sayings of Bleen to create a masterpiece of spiritual and personal discovery.