Instagram Stories, what is this book all about?

And why does Jason Heiber refer to Instagram Stories as the ATM in your pocket and financial freedom between your thumbs?

Well, quite simply.
Instagram is an open playground for business that you are not capitalizing on… yet.
So let’s talk about it…..

This book will teach you how you can build a sustainable business on autopilot - on a platform that you are already spending A LOT of time on.

Are you struggling to understand what the Instagram fuss is all about? Are you struggling to understand how you can use Instagram Stories to YOUR advantage?
And are you just generally confused how the Instagram algorithm works?

Now, everyone is freaking out a little and declaring it wildly unfair and biased what Instagram has done with the new algorithm. They messed everything up, right? They favor the rich and famous?! Us little old average Joes are sinking, and your organic reach is failing fast as you see little to no success, and your engagement and exposure diminishes day by day! It’s a pay-to-play system now and that’s just not fair, right?
Or wrong.

If you are facing this issue, bear with me, there IS hope!

This book will provide all the answers to your problem, and inspire you to go so much further.
This book covers:

Passive Income Streams: How anyone can uncover the Secret Treasures within Instagram Stories.
Active Income Streams: The incredible opportunity to build financial freedom and how to automate it.
Engagement over followers: Why leading with purpose, and why focusing on engagement over followers will lead to success.
Guide: 11 ways to increase engagement dramatically.
Your Tribe is your net worth: Why focus on your tribe and how to capitalize on it, and what the difference is between followers and a tribe.
Psychology of Instagram Engagement : Learn the psychology of engagement so that you can capitalize on your followers / tribe.
Story Telling: Why Instagram Stories is so much more powerful than you think.
Market research: How to do market research and test the waters using Instagram Stories.
Blueprint: 7 Day Blueprint to grow your engagement on Instagram and turn your tribe into paying customers.

Instagram Stories are by far the most powerful marketing vehicle at the moment. They are unparalleled in terms of engagement, entertainment, and turning a profit.

Whether you are a
- personal brand,
- an aspiring influencer,
- a solopreneur,
- a budding company,
- or a Fortune 500 company,

Instagram Stories have an enormous capacity to be a driving force in achieving both personal and business growth.

It’s a platform that you must take advantage off, whatever stage of your life you are in.
Ultimately, the cost of not capitalizing on this opportunity is simply too high.

Don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity, to find and use your voice, to lead with passion, and to capitalize on it while doing so.
There are over 1 Billion users on Instagram EVERY month. The average user spends 25-35 minutes on Instagram every day. Read that again. Instagram Stories are watched by 500 million users every single day, trending up.

Do I have to spell out what incredible opportunity lays in front of you?

You have 2 options, essentially. You can waste your time on this platform, or you can turn it into a money making machine that will allow you to stop trading time for money. Yes, the sky is the limit if you unlock the immense power that lies within this platform.

You can only unlock the hidden treasures of passive income streams when you understand how to lead with purpose, and focus on engagement over followers.

And learn how you can capitalize on the “knowledge business” by leading with YOUR passion.