In this absorbing story, written by a physician and military officer, witness a unique holistic approach to wellness, health and healing unfold through the eyes of five people all struggling with difficult life events. They find themselves together for one week at a Hawaiian retreat. All from diverse backgrounds, each with a different story to tell.

Lew-veteran husband and father with PTSD having trouble keeping it together; Sara -a physician, appears happy on the outside but experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue; Uncle Ira -struggling with guilt, anger and grief has almost given up on life; Nora -3 children in 4 years with dreams deferred is struggling with her identity and value as a mother; Reiko - biracial and bilingual drifting between both cultures, not really belonging to either. 

The caretaker Sister, a wise elder, provides tools for a mental checkup so each can learn to a take a deep breath in the business of life. “Less is more” and “healing is by digging in the soil of your soul.” They learn to cherish the simple treasures of life as Sister intertwines hope and enlightenment into their reality.

Discover how to approach life challenges through self care with individual reflection, inward exploration and self discovery on the journey to health. The practices of nutrition movement, mindfulness, meditation, massage and yoga are used at this fun and engaging retreat.