I’ve always been good at sharing.

You have to be when you grow up in a family like mine.

But I never wanted to share Logan.

He was the first thing I wanted all to myself.

Too bad I missed my chance.

Unlike Piper.

Not that I hold it against her. After all, she was ready to love him in ways I wasn’t, ways I was... insanely jealous of.

And I know better than anyone you can’t help who you love.

Just who knows about it.

And now that he'll always be off limits, there’s no point in sharing my secret.

It doesn’t matter if my body screams for his touch whenever we cross paths.

It doesn’t matter if my heart swells to six times its normal size at the mere thought of that handsome loner’s shy smile.

It doesn’t even matter if I think I could love him better than she did.

Because Logan Jones and I are never going to happen.

**This is a full-length, standalone romance novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a satisfying HEA.
*Limited time launch price of 0.99c