The Simard family were the crème de la crème of Pittsburgh society, basking
in a French heritage that went back to 1758 when Pittsburgh was called Fort
Duquesne – except it was all a lie.

Their wealth and status sprang from one forefather, Shawn Callahan from
Maine. In 1910 he absconded with stolen money to Paris, teaming up with
Reggie, a titled rascal Englishman, to scam the gullible rich. Young and cocky, when
they weren’t feeding their appetite for food and flesh, they were selling
works of art “stolen” from the Louvre.

But when the Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre, it all comes to an abrupt
end when one sting too many forces Shawn to flee Paris to begin a new life
with a new name in Pittsburgh – until fate catches up with him.

The Counterfeit Smile is a lusty novel about the Golden Age of Paris in the 1900s,
charged with characters like King Edward VII, famous artists, bistros, brothels,
and easy women.

The Counterfeit Smile
By Brian Hawkins