What do you know about narcissism?
Do you want to understand narcissism and narcissists?
Are you a victim of narcissistic abuse and you’re looking to heal?
Narcissism is a modern day epidemic that keeps spreading its reach in the society. It is a personality disorder of grandiosity, inflated sense of importance and a fragile self-esteem. At one point or another, you may have come across a narcissist and not recognized him/her; you may even be living with a narcissist and not know this. You might even be a narcissist yourself! Narcissists are everywhere around us, which is why it is very crucial for us to understand this epidemic and the people it affects. Like a bomb, every narcissist is waiting to explode in our face.
Understanding a narcissist can be likened to the process of defusing a bomb. It is a very delicate and complicated process and you have got to be careful through the whole process. Healing from narcissistic abuse is an even harder and complicated process.
This is why “Defusing the bomb: A guide to understanding and dealing with a narcissist and healing from narcissistic abuse” has been written in simplified and easy language as a guide to understanding narcissism and narcissistic abuse.
Tons of knowledge and tips are available in this book to help you and they include
•An in-depth explanation of narcissism
•Precise and up-to-date scientific and psychological facts on narcissism
•A concise guide to understanding the mind of a narcissist
•Ways you can maneuver around living with a narcissist
•Practical tips for recovering from narcissistic abuse
•Improvement and treatment options for narcissists
In this book, you will discover a wealth of knowledge that will help you ‘defuse’ the narcissist in your life!
If you have been having troubles discerning whether that your partner or parent is a narcissist, or wondering if you are a narcissist yourself, don’t fret! “Defusing the bomb: A guide to understanding and dealing with a narcissist and healing from narcissistic abuse” will help you through. With all you’re going to learn in this book, you will be on your path to recovery from narcissistic abuse and understanding narcissism.
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