Welcome To Two Moon follows the adventures of Lyria Grant as she and her father move into one of the most scientifically progressive towns in the Old West; it combines the tenacious quickfire of a western with industrial-but-better fantasy steampunk inventions, adding a dash of scientific sourcery to the picturesque western landscape. Two Moon's lands are rich in metal ores and its citizens take full advantage of it, creating a gleaming contrast to surrounding towns and proudly displaying clockwork details on every building. Spitfire scientist and inventor Lyria Grant moves with her father from Philadelphia to Two Moon, excited for the custom laboratory her father has promised her. However, when she sees that Two Moon still suffers from Wild West problems, Lyria dons the disguise of her favorite dime novel hero, The Western Star, and vows to use her inventions & ingenuity to fight injustice herself. Although she plans to carry out her vigilante plans herself, she meets Zane, a tall, handsome cowboy who may have a few secrets himself.