C. Ray Calhoun gives us a real gem in his sophomore book "You Must 'C' Your Way Through". He lays out more practical, relatable life-transforming nuggets that when applied can take the ordinary person to extraordinary heights as well as elevating to greater heights those persons who are already on a path to success. C. Ray uses the alpha letter C to illustrate the pieces of life's puzzle that the reader must "see" in order to elevate their lives. Each chapter in the book is dedicated to a word that begins with the letter C and C. Ray outlines in a telescopic way how "seeing" each word in the context of life's obstacles and opportunities can help us reach our highest potential. With real-life examples and personal testimonials, he describes how to overcome day to day challenges that exist only to try and deter us from becoming our greatest self. He speaks to the reader with candor, humor, and heart. Sincerely sharing information and notable quotes, he takes us on a journey step by step to develop, apply and achieve the goals and dreams we aspire to. We are in a historic and unprecedented time in 2017. "You Must 'C' Your Way Through" is a book that allows us to see how to successfully navigate the sea of life - practically, simplistically and productively.