Parker Reed is a carpenter with two adorable daughters, Madison and Casey. He recently moved to Willis, Texas to start anew. Working in the local hardware shop brings lots of unwanted romantic attention. Parker is long past the days of wanting to be in a relationship. He is content with his life as single father.

Melanie is a second-grade school teacher with a personality as bright as her auburn red hair. Her students love her, especially the precocious Madison Reed. She always wanted a daughter like Maddie. But as a full-figured woman, she has battled self-esteem issues around relationships. These issues were exacerbated by her vicious mother, Carol, and two-timing sister, Joy.

Sparks fly between Parker and the bubbly teacher, but Parker is still haunted by his dark past with his ex-wife. He is consumed by flashbacks. And his self-doubt casts a large shadow over his desire for Melanie. Will they have the courage to pursue a future together given their respective pasts? Or will the past rear its ugly head and destroy a love story in the making?

Second Spring
By Nicole David