They say you never really love what you have, only what you had.

I loved America.

After a painful but quiet end to the world we knew, mankind is now a whisper. But if you're still there, I could tell you a story...

I could tell you the story of what a truly divided nation looks like, of once-magnificent cities rendered apathetic by torment and blinded by their walls.

I could tell you the story of a mad scientist who asked himself if the pursuit of knowledge was everything he wanted— a man who had the power to doom what was left of the world and the power to save it. I could tell you what he said when evil came to speak with him.

I could tell you of sad men who came home on lonely roads to discover the rubble that remained was still worth fighting for.

I could tell you of a people who questioned mercy's limits.

And I could tell you of the villain who in his quest to guide the world unto its own final end, unknowingly brought all these things to be.

So if you're still out there, in whispers echoing from better days, I could tell you the story of The Last City of America.

Cover design by James Tysz

The Last City of America
By Matthew Tysz