Terrifying nightmares and overwhelming shame brought Kathy to counseling, where she hoped to find the truth about the past she didn’t remember. She didn’t know she had seventy personalities. As we pulled back the layers of her life, she remembered many times in her childhood when her mother took her to cult “churches.” The leaders tortured and raped her. They nailed her to a cross in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The cult members planted lies and dark secrets deep in her mind and used drugs and mind control to twist biblical truths. They convinced Kathy her “sweet blood” paid for their sins. 

This book chronicles Kathy’s sixteen-year counseling journey, using excerpts from her thirty journals. She penned her prayers to Jesus onto tear-stained pages and communicated with her child alters by writing to them. The healing journey took Kathy through fierce spiritual battles, where she developed a deeper understanding of Jesus’ power against the forces of darkness.