Douglas Donohue is a struggling artist plodding through his mundane everyday life. He is stuck in a stale relationship with his girlfriend Joanne. Trying to better his art he opts for taking an evening art course to help channel his creativity.

It is then Erica enters the classroom as the still life model for the next duration of the course, Doug's world will never be the same again. They are both artists who share the same dreams, passions and aspiration's. The chemistry between them is explosive.

They spend almost a week together fueled by an intense sexual and spiritual connection. Doug regretfully decides not to tell her about Joanne. Erica is working hard saving every penny so she can make enough money to travel to San Francisco in a bid to get her art noticed, Doug plans to leave his old life behind and follow Erica. However when he goes to break it off with Jo she drops a bombshell that sends Doug's world crashing down around him. Untamed Butterflies is a story of betrayal, hurt, passion, love and above all this, fate having a way of working everything out the way it is supposed to..