Will she betray her best friend to save her own life?

Anna, a spinster at twenty, has lost her family to persecution, and moves to peaceful Amsterdam to escape the violence of the German Reformation. But then, Charles V arrives on the scene on a quest to rid his empire of this ‘nest of heretics’ in the Netherlands. Must Anna lose her loved ones all over again?

After uncovering Maeyken’s dangerous secret, Anna must decide whether to turn in her friend as Charles’ decree demands or do nothing and risk execution herself. Anna wants to do the right thing, but what is right? How can she tell who is a True Soldier of Christ? Is it the Spanish soldiers who hunt human beings for going to the wrong church, or the hunted ones who soldier on in their faith despite persecution?

Adriaen, a recent widower and a leader of the radical new faith, is unlikely to survive the purging of heretics. Anna rejects her growing love for him, realizing his life might soon be over. And why would he forgive her for what she has done to his family?

This historical novel portrays the birth of the Amish and Mennonite faith, a faith more precious than life. Perfect for fans of lesser-known history, which entertains as well as educates.

Sword of Peace
By Louisa M Bauman