The book description Quit Smoken
Millions and millions of people will be able to quit smoking when they find out how easy it really can be. This book will become a number one best seller. Why? Because of one simple reason. As grandpa puts it, “the damn thing works”. Why is this sensational breakthrough so effective? Because, with this very simple method, a smoker is able to eliminate all the cravings and desires, they have for tobacco. 

For most people the hardest part of quitting is fighting with those cravings and desires that plague their mind. And they struggle with thoughts and desires that push them to want another cigarette. Ron Roesch has found a way to eliminate those desires. When a smoker is freed from the cravings and desires to smoke, it becomes easy for them not to smoke again.
This book explains in easy to read detail how the addiction works in the mind and how the mind can be set free from the addictive hold tobacco has on it. 

Anyone who has tried to quit knows why they weren’t able to stop. Ron Roesch knows all too well what that feels like. And he has discovered how to instantly eliminate those awful feelings. He also knows how any one that uses his method can easily eliminate the obstacles and challenges they faced, when they tried to quit. 

So far every one that learns his method and applies it to their life is freed to stop smoking. It is 100% effective for those that use it. It is a mental process that blocks the desires and eliminates them from a person’s thinking. When a person understands how the addiction controls their thinking and how to block it. They gain the power over the addictive thoughts. They can then easily stop smoking. When the addictive thoughts lose their power it is easy for a person to stop smoking.

A smoker doesn’t need will power or a big commitment to be able to quit. They simply need a desire to quit, The mind altering technique in this book does the hard work. When a smoker learns the “quit smoken methods” and applies them to their life, they become a non-smoker, with the mind of a non-smoker. They aren’t a recovering smoker or a “once an addict always a12 step smoker addict”. They don’t need a seminar, a support group, drugs, or counseling. They don’t need to throw their cigarettes away and avoid places where they use to smoke. They don’t need to do all those things to help them keep from smoking, because they do not have a desire to smoke. 

Does a non-smoker need to do all those things? No, because they have the mind of a non-smoker, they have no desire what-so-ever to want to smoke. That is what you will become when you apply this method to your life. 
Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars a year on a poison to kill yourself, reward yourself. Invest in yourself. For the price of a day of smoking, the price of a couple of packs of smokes. You can treat yourself to a system that will kill your desire to smoke. Think how much you will save in the long run. Give it a try! The only thing you have to lose is your cigarette addiction. Don’t wait, try it now

I got my book edited at "fiverr" I thought Lorrie, one who gave me a critical review, was a non smoker. When i asked her about it, this i what she said.
"Hi Ron,
Actually, I've smoked for about thirty years. Since I read your book yesterday, I'm on day two of non-smoking lol. When I thought of your technique I couldn't believe how quickly it far. I've had to do it about three times today, but I haven't caved yet for a cigarette.
Thank you! :}

One last thing before you buy the book “smoken” is a real word. Even if spell checkers doesn’t recognize it. Jim Carry said in the Mask “Smoken!” He didn’t say smo-k-i-n-g. Who says smo-k-i-n-g these days anyway? The urban dictionary defines it as “a verb. (smoe'ken) slightly more formal tense of the past participle of smoke, (smoked).”

Ok now you can get the book.