She is a seductive and sexy witch. She is also a murderer.

Paige Spencer lives in a fortress of solitude.
After escaping a horrific past and concealing her deadly gifts from the world, desperate circumstances force her to reveal everything else. Working nights as a stripper, she learns to seduce men with her erotic performances but with one rule: No man is allowed to touch her. Ever.

She maintains her facade until her life is turned upside down by a chance meeting. Her fortress begins to crumble, leaving her defenseless and in love with a man she knows will destroy her.  Her supernatural powers give her wealth, the protection of the most powerful men on Earth, and put her on a collision course with two men who struggle to possess her in a sizzling MMF menage romance. Neither man will be able to forget her or let her go. Paige is forced to confront the truth of her dark past, what she truly is and make an impossible choice between the two men she loves. Their unbreakable passion and love will form a line that will someday rule the world … if they survive.

What Broken Dolls Do is an enthralling and erotic story, with strong and detailed themes of survival, love, magic, romantic comedy and suspense. With sensual scenes that are tastefully and elegantly written, this hot paranormal romance is sure to not only turn its readers on, but leave them dying for more.

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