For the last year, Alexis Deluca has struggled to get over her loss. While life carries on around her, she fights to find her place in a world without the man she once loved. At the urging of her family, she enjoys a night out at the family nightclub, never knowing how drastically that night would change her life.

Noah Hudson is a man on a mission to find his missing brother. Months of searching has garnered little leads. If he doesn’t find an outlet for his pain, he fears his life will implode. When he meets a beautiful girl at a nightclub, she provides the first source of light he’s seen in a long time, but there’s something not quite right. Although they’re obviously attracted to each other, she’s reluctant to pursue a relationship and he’s more determined than ever to take a chance on love.

Could their fateful meeting be the beginning of something beautiful or will it push them to the brink of disaster?