A woman, a man, a white dog.
The woman calls herself Gina, but it may not be her real name.
The woman calls the man Mr Chipzenburger – definitely not his name.
The dog is less complicated and is happy to answer to Electra.
Their story will make you laugh and cry.
A B.R.A.G. Medallion book.
Reviewers say –
“I adored this book”
“I hated the story to end. Read it and you'll see. It's a lovely, lovely book.”
"A masterpiece…perfect in its style and delivery"
"This is a very compelling story…simple but well crafted and complete in the telling…moving, gentle and bittersweet."
“her writing brilliance showed on each page.”
“Please make sure you add this to your to be read list.”

Every Five Minutes
By Bronwyn Elsmore