1977. An ancient bottle. A strange man. A race to save the life of a twelve year old schoolboy.
Melly and Skinny, two twelve year old schoolboys, break into an abandoned and derelict vicarage. They find an ancient bottle that contains a strange looking liquid. Melly insists on taking it home and is later compelled to take a sip of the liquid that seems to have been designed to taste just right for twelve year old schoolboys.
Mayhem follows with Melly getting into trouble at school and much more serious trouble outside of school when Skinny finds the head of a neighbour’s dog in Melly’s house. What terrible forces have the boys unleashed? Who is the mysterious Mr Quirk? Will Skinny be in time to save his friend from the clutches of unthinkable evil? What is Melly turning into?
This is a page-turning roller coaster of a novel for 10 to 12 year olds. It is far too terrifying for younger readers so be warned. A literary agent gave this to the 8 year old son of a friend of his and it kept him awake for months with night after night of terrifying nightmares. However, older children will love this book. It is a chilling horror story that will appeal to fans of Stephen King.

By R I Heslop