You can do this. 

"Look it up" - "Do your homework" Do these terms sound familiar? We hear them all the time on school campuses. It's time to start applying them to your own 403b retirement planning process. 

SCHOOLED is written for those school employees that, for whatever reason, (and there are many sound reasons) have decided that they would prefer to work with an advisor to help them with their 403(b) plan. You want help, you want retirement, but you're unsure of the process. 

Most educators I speak with about retirement planning are lookingfor: 

Clarity - You want to have a clear picture of what your 403b plan is investing in, why your investing in it and how it's helping you save for retirement. 

Control - You want to have more control over when and how you retire. You've seen the people who are forced to continue working late into their lives because they did not plan/save correctly. 

Confidence - Most of all, School employees want the confidence that they are investing in something sound, with someone qualified with a 403(b) plan that gives them a good chance at the retirement they're dreaming about. 

There are many excellent financial advisors that specialize with Teachers out there who are ready to help. This book can be a help in finding one. 

What does the 403(b) retirement planning process look like? What questions should you ask? What steps should you take? 

These topics and more are covered in Schooled... Your guide to gain clarity, control and confidence in planning the retirement you deserve. 

I love helping school teachers plan for their retirement! It's fun to hear the stories of how you'll spend your retirement years. Moving to the mountains, working on your art, tutoring or teaching on your own terms... so many great adventures await! and I get to help you plan for it! I love it! 

So... You've made the decision that it's time to start saving for your retirement...