You have the chance to break away from routine reality into sexual bliss. Will you take it?

Charlotte is worn out with the daily juggle of work, domesticity, and relationships. Somewhere in there is a gorgeous, witty, sexy, and intelligent woman. Perhaps she is you, trying to meet the daily demands of modern life, sex low on her list of priorities?
After stepping exhausted from her workplace one steamy summer afternoon into a car mysteriously sent to collect her, Charlotte wakes up in the strange and opulent setting of somewhere known only as the Estate. 
Suspense builds when Charlotte’s enigmatic host Mrs. K. presents to her the option of participating in the ‘Calyx Programme’, designed to re-awaken erotic desires. Like a modern-day sorceress, Mrs. K seems able to read minds, stealing in to interpret women’s secret fantasies. 
Charlotte embarks on an erotic adventure that is occasionally demanding, sometimes tender, and always satisfying. She rediscovers her sexual identity in a series of stimulating and sensual encounters with an array of partners and in a variety of situations. 
Along the way, she meets Grigori, who will become her night-time angel. He has the divine looks and intellect to attract any woman he chooses, but has chosen to be alone. Secluded in the remote surroundings of the Estate, Grigori is resolved to shut out a world that hurt him. That is, before Charlotte arrives. 
Charlotte and Grigori are led down a fated path towards romantic encounter. At the conclusion of her time in the Calyx, Charlotte experiences her most unexpected and fulfilling night of all, but real life awaits her return. And going back could prove harder than she expected. 

An up-dated and original take on “chateau erotica” with contemporary themes and setting and a sophisticated feel, In the Calyx is an expressive and sensual stand-alone novel with a romantic story arc. 

With candid scenes of a sexual nature, with nudity, multiple partners, and occasional light BDSM, this literature is suitable for those readers aged over eighteen only.

A full-length novel, standalone erotic romance. 

In the Calyx
By Libre Paley