From the USA Today Bestselling Author Vicki Hinze comes The Reunited Hearts, a romantic suspense series of standalone novels with couples in dangerous situations who reunite in atypical ways. 

In Her Perfect Life, ex-POW Katie Slater is finally rescued. But coming home isn’t the sweet reunion she’d dreamed it would be. Everything that had made her life perfect is gone. Her husband’s remarried, her kids are strangers who call another woman mom, and her former co-pilot and best friend, C.D. Quade—the sexy best friend who’d deserted her in the desert—is all she has left. How is she supposed to cobble together any kind of life?

Katie struggles to determine what’s real and what are tricks of the mind, to build a new life and rebuild relationships, and she makes an astounding discovery. Her perfect life hadn’t been so perfect. But when she sees C.D.’s memorial to her—that she forever walks in his soul—Katie realizes this new life holds promise and could be perfect—if she has the courage to face her past and claim her future. If she has the courage to dare to love…

Books in the Hearts Reunited Series:
Her Perfect Life, #1
Mind Reader, #2
Duplicity, #3

PRAISE for Vicki Hinze Novels:

Her Perfect Life Awards:
RITA® Award Finalist, Best Novel with a Romantic Element
RT Career Achievement Award Nomination for Series Romantic Adventure
Reviewers’ Choice Award
Readers’ Choice Award Finalist, Best Book of the Year
Holt Medallion Award Finalist, Best Mainstream Novel of the Year

“Her Perfect Life is the perfect read. From the very first sentence, I was hooked by this engaging and heartfelt story of a woman’s journey through danger, adventure and romance.” –Susan Wiggs

“An incredibly emotional read. Have Kleenex handy–you’ll need it. C.D. and Katie are wonderful protagonists and their story is the reason why one picks up a romance novel.” TOP PICK AWARD –RT Book Club

“I know I can always count on Vicki for an absorbing story I’ll remember long after I’ve closed the book…” –Kay Hooper

“[A] talent for transforming the unlikely into something beautiful.” –Publishers Weekly

“Her Perfect Life was emotional, romantic, and just an all around poignant read. It made me angry, laugh, cry, and then smile for a job well done. I feel Ms. Hinze honors the bravest of the brave with Her Perfect Life and I am proud to have read it.” –

“Occasionally a book is written which profoundly touches anyone who reads it, and the story penned by Vicki Hinze is constantly thought-provoking and engaging.” –Cataromance

“Genuinely moving… If you want to read a book which will leave you happier about life when you finish it, try this one.” –MarianneM, All About Romance