An electrifying novel from a bestselling author.


It was supposed to be a night of fun, pleasure, lust and pain for Susanne Larsen when she agreed to meet with a stranger from a S&M chatroom. She met him for dinner that later led to casual, anonymous sex in the hotel room at the local inn.

But someone else showed up in the room, and suddenly it was no longer a game.

Zeeland Times star reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune are covering the case for the newspaper, and soon they find themselves deeply involved in a story of terrifying horror and ugly secrets.


It is the sequel to the International bestseller One, Two ... He is coming from you. It is followed by the third book in this series: Five, Six ... Grab your crucifix. Willow Rose's Horror stories from Denmark. is a collection of heart-stopping horror short stories all related to Rebekka Franck and her Danish hometown.

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