Emma's 'Once upon a NOW' series currently includes:

  • Alf The Workshop Dog.
  • Isabella's Pink Bicycle
  • Kool Kid Kruncha and The High Trapeze

˃˃˃ Available in print, Kindle e-book and audio book versions.




"This is a genuine, fairy tale that harkens back to the works of the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson." Melissa Gill, USA.

"Fun, different and inspirational!" Linn B Halton, UK.

"A Wonderful Tale of Bravery and Courage."

"Enjoyable adventure story, with plenty of action, magic, scene changes and a loveable dog as well." Peter Making, UK.

"Very Creative Children's Story." Karen Ruggiero, USA.

"A hit in our household. Alf The Workshop Dog was read over a few nights and has been revisited already, especially the video of the Zanubian National Anthem. Lots of fun and a nice way to round off the day for us both." @grabthisbook, UK.

Once upon a NOW
By Emma Calin