Do you wake up every morning desperate to do something about your weight but also desperately aware that dieting has never worked for you? Are you tired of working so hard only to gain back every pound you lost and them some? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Shatter the Yoyo program is just what you are looking for. Taking both your mind and body into account, this program offers the tools you will need to stop yoyo dieting in its tracks. Shatter the Yoyo will help you identify: 

- The inner goals that will provide the drive and energy to finally solve your weight problem.
- Why dieting has added to your weight problem rather than solving it. 
- How your thoughts have helped keep you stuck in the weight loss/weight gain cycle. 
- Your eating Danger Zones and the Action Plans you need to put in place to succeed at weight management. 
- Important biological and environmental factors that interfere with your weight management goals. 

With this information under your belt, Shatter The Yoyo will then help you acquire the skills and new habits that can help you lose weight for good!

Your life doesn’t have to be one long litany of unsuccessful diet after unsuccessful diet. This program offers you something much better: a long term, healthy and happy relationship with food and your weight. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s begin!