Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher's Bronze Medal for Romance
#1 on the Amazon Bestseller List for Contemporary Romance


Book One of THE STONE TRILOGY The Amazon bestselling series of #FirstLoveRekindled, between an #Heiress and a #RockStar "that will take your heart on a rollercoaster ride of emotions."


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Rich, handsome, and insanely talented all describe Jon Stone, international rock star. He can have his pick of women, yet he still pines for his first love—Naomi—the girl who left him one night with no excuse, and no explanation. Sixteen years later, he's still besotted, but ready to give up when a letter arrives from a boy claiming to be his son, his and Naomi's.

This is not your typical bodice-ripper romance. The story is lush, filled with gorgeous descriptions, and lyrical writing. Written by award-winning author, Mariam Kobras, this is a cross between women's fiction, contemporary romance, and a heck of a good story. If you’re in search of something more than boy gets girl, loses girl, gets her back again, then The Distant Shore might be for you. The characters are well-drawn and real. Love them, or hate them, they all experience the day-to-day trials and tribulations of life. Indulge yourself in the “start of a great trilogy.”

It felt as if the universe itself had opened to welcome us into its embrace . . . It still feels that way to me, Naomi, every time we are together. It feels that way when you walk into a room. Now that I have you back, I feel the unbearable emptiness of those years without you. I was selfish, distracted, and uncaring. You should never have had to endure what you did, and I should have fought a lot harder to find you again . . .