Do You Know The Difference Between The Two Biggest Players In Cryptocurrency?

2017 witnessed an important date in the history of cryptocurrency: the split that has created BTC and BCH.

Once a unified currency, Bitcoin now has new competition, Bitcoin Cash, which is leaving even the savviest of investors questioning what the difference really is and which is better.

An essential guide for any cryptocurrency investor, this book will address the major questions about this split and then look to the future for answers about what’s next. A simple walk through a complicated minefield, you will discover Bitcoin’s exciting history, the hidden features, and the most important underlying principles of this type of investing.

Get Answers to Questions Like:

  • Where did Bitcoin come from?
  • What exactly is Bitcoin Cash?
  • What is the best investment?
  • What does the future of cryptocurrency hold?
  • How do I get started?

Solve the mystery between cryptocurrency’s major split and learn how to make smart investments with BTC and BCH.

It’s time to enter the fascinating world of Bitcoin