Professor Kompressor is an inventor. He is excellent at inventing, but the inventions don't always work out as intended. In fact, they very rarely do.

Neatly packaged in 10 perfectly formed chapters, the second book in the Professor Kompressor series has more of everything - inventions, mind-blowing ideas and mishaps.

When the Professor tries to improve the environment the results are, as usual, unpredictable. How could he possibly have known that it would be a bad idea to use a black hole as a rubbish bin, or that string theory does not help you sort out global warming?

What could possibly go wrong with a love machine, intended to make people kinder and more generous?

Professor Kompressor is a fictional character but his adventures are inspired by ideas from science and the modern world. They show that you can have a lot of fun with science and technology, especially if you allow for a little bit of creative mis-interpretation.

A book that entertains children of all ages from Professor Nils Andersson, award-winning author and an authority on matters of gravity and the extremes of our weird and wonderful Universe.

Reader's comments:

"The best professor ever!"

"Why are clever people so stupid sometimes?"

"The Professor is back with even more strange idea, most of them pretty spectacular and very, very funny.”

"A remarkable thing... combining well written yet easy to read language with vastly complicated scientific ideas."

"A good fictional story that will have you smiling at times, and listening to learn at others."

"Teaches children (and adults) about science and life in a fun way."

"A great collection of yarns at a price that is hardly likely to break the bank."