Reserved and timid Julian Monk is in for a whirlwind of change when he's forced to fit the mold of the latest trending music sensation and global heartthrob with meddling paparazzi and adoring fans shadowing his every waking moment. 

Struggling to adjust to this new-found life of fame, Julian raises more than a few eyebrows – he raises hell when he realizes that with stardom comes great responsibility, even if it's at the expense of his fellow band mates and closest friends.

As he tours the world, professing against superstition and bigotry, the message he bears is bound to stir up some people, among them the newly elected Pope Pius XIII, who looks to break free from the traditional ways of the church. Perplexed by the young skeptic's mixed and candid views and unique disposition, the Pope senses a once-in-2000-years opportunity. Will Julian, with the help of his friends, be able to withstand the temptation to join what he perceives to be the dark side?

This contemporary young adult novel is a delightful, quirky romp that may be too challenging for the faint of heart. 

By Marcus Herzig