Sarah Jameson Landry and her five year old daughter, Annabelle, haunted by the same insistent voice, embark on a reluctant journey to find their ancestral home. What they discover is a strange little village that has somehow gone adrift from the rest of the world. They uncover a horrifying legacy of missing children that dates back hundreds of years, and in the process learn the terrible secrets of their own ancestral past.

Michael Bannon, haunted by his own demons, has come to James Village in search of anonymity. What he finds is that he can never outrun the terrible mistakes of the past. Michael discovers also that he is, in some incomprehensible way, connected to Sarah and the child Annabelle. They form an alliance with a small group of friends, villagers, who like themselves are tired of being afraid, and resign themselves to the task of seeking the truth regardless of its consequences. Together they embark on a terrifying quest to destroy the evil that lies at the center of all their lives.

The Lost Village is an epic journey into the unknown, encompassing dramas of seduction and death, episodes of tenderness and miraculous healing.

It is an allegory about the deeds that men do and the secrets that they keep, a parable of innocence against the corruption of the soul, of sanity against madness, of triumph against all odds. And it gives us a rare glimpse into the dark superstition and aching loneliness that lies deep inside the core of all humankind.

The Lost Village
By Mark Edward Hall