I am a 5 foot blonde female with an average IQ. I had a fear of not knowing; fear of being “just” a dumb little blonde facing the big dark world, with absolutely NO new millennium credentials. I will put FEAR under my feet. In fact, I am going to stand right on my fear and make it my soapbox! I might even do it barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen while doing dishes and eating bonbons; and make THAT statement a bullet point on my “not” career friendly resume. I will embrace my appearance, my femininity, my weaknesses and especially my ignorance. I will overthrow century old stereotypes of women but especially the bogus new millennium feminist expectations. I will become… a courageous five foot force to be reckoned with. And I will use the Dumb Blonde Approach in this fool ruled world.
I will make the argument that the opposite of stupid is NOT smart. DUMB is the opposite of stupid! Wisdom and courage cannot exist without humility and vulnerability; both are characteristics of those who humbly learn to say, “I just don’t know”; who can stand in front of others naked and unashamed…vulnerable. Traits most of the credentialed world might blindly consider dumb.

The Stupidity Factor is a phrase I coined to describe the foolishness that opposes life and produces death. The Stupidity Factor affects us all. The Dumb Blonde Approach is my sword I will wield to combat the Stupidity Factor. The Stupidity Factor was, is and always will be life halting foolishness both in the world and within ourselves.

The Stupidity Factor agitates us, wounds us, produces pain and battles our souls. We all collaborate with The Stupidity Factor when we fear the unknown and lose touch with our best-selves. Instead of being aware of and accepting our ignorance, youthfulness, frailties and blind spots; we ignore that we can’t know everything, pretend to be grown-up, hide our weaknesses and blindly launch ourselves into controlling behavior with our disconnected worst-self that damages others and ourselves.

The really cool thing is, we can turn The Stupidity Factor on its head and destroy it by being Dumb and retrieving and becoming our connected best-self. It is an upside down child-like path. It is the only way to take our pain and turn it into a pearls. We have to go down to go up; we must be wounded to heal and as we are becoming precious beauty. The Dumb Blonde Approach is a surprising path to wisdom and freedom.