3 Detectives, 5 Stories These Stories Follow 3 Detectives, Jack Snow, Tony Cobalt and Velvet Van Der Veer. Jack Snow Is On Retainer To Alden Dax, Who Owns One Of The Biggest Casino's In Las Vegas. He Calls Himself A Consultant But Often Jack Has To Be A Trouble Shooter And Detective. 
Tony Cobalt Is A Private Detective In New York. He's A Master Of Disguise And Calls Himself The Mysterious Detective.
Velvet Van Der Veer Is A Lady Private Detective In Las Vegas.
These Stories Follow Them Through Some Tough Cases Of Mystery And Murder.

Ice Trick : Jack Snow Is Loaned Out By His Employer, Alden Dax, To One Of Dax's Friends. The Friend And His Wife Attended A new Nightclub In Vegas And Discovered Days Later That The Stone In A Valuable Ring Had Been Switched To A Cheap Paste Imitation. Jack Has To Figure Out If That's What Really Happened And If So, How?

Dancing Fool: Tony Cobalt 's friend, NY Newspaper Publisher, Jason Quinn's sister is coming for a visit and Tony reluctantly agrees to squire her about town. The sister gets mixed up in a dancing school con game and loses a lot of money which Tony tries to get back for her.

Murder On The Diamond: Jack Snow is approached by the beautiful F.B.I. Agent he only knows as Crystal. She wants him to help her nail a drug lord. To do that Jack has to go undercover as a semi-pro's baseball team's star first baseman. Is he good enough to play baseball and uncover the source of the dope?

Mystery Of The Missing People: Velvet Van Der Veer is hired by a handsome ski resort owner to come to his resort and figure out why people are going missing once they enter an old cottage that's near his property. The Sheriff thinks the Ski Resort owner is fabricating a hoax until Velvet goes missing herself!

Stone Cold Dead Guy: Tony Cobalt is broke then suddenly two cases fall into his lap on the same day. A gang leader wants Tony to keep his eye on a member of his gang that just got released from prison. Tony knew it wasn't healthy to say no to the mobster. On the same day he's hired by a nightclub owner to protect his female singer from her ex husband that just got released from prison. The ex is the same man the mobster wants Tony to keep tabs on. It's two easy cases until the ex husband of the singer winds up dead in the singer's apartment!