"I certainly enjoyed E. A. Allen's book.  I liked the setup - the discovered papers of the detective's sidekick, who by the way, is no lightweight himself.  Allen's detective, Gérard de Montclaire, is nicely finessed into both literary and political history, being a protégé of the fictional Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin, and rubbing shoulders with the likes of such historical figures as King Edward VII and Sidney Reilly, 'Ace of Spies.'  I like also the pacing of the story, which is fast.  Anything might be coming at the reader next - out of the mist of the Jardin du Luxembourg, through the gaslit backstreets of Paris, or overhead, from a dirigible that suddenly blocks out the moon.  Allen packs his plot with the most unusual twists: a lovesick Cardinal, a murderer's identity revealed by his lime-scented cologne, and the kidnapping of an English Cabinet Minister." (Michael Cohen, host of "Uncommon Mysteries," National Public Radio.)