"An Epic Dystopian Science Fiction Thriller, With a Soul."

"Frighteningly Realistic Alien Contact, Abduction, and Invasion."



˃˃˃ Disclosure: July 9th, 1947 -

An intelligent creature was recovered from the wreckage of a mysterious object. Lieutenant Joshua Simpson receives his final order, to “bond with it.”

While “bonding with it” the Lieutenant discovers the frightening truth about humanity. Where did we come from? How did we get here? Who are these visitors?

˃˃˃ Disclosure: October 16th, 2020 ”"

Nick Campbell and his girlfriend Zoe Baker are abducted.

Why? How are these abductions related to Lieutenant Joshua Simpson?

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"Shoes tied, he sits a few moments longer listening for signs of pursuit. Hearing nothing but crickets, he hops up and heads through the woods towards Logan’s house. 

Nick saunters through the forest blissfully unaware of what is less than three steps behind him. As he exits the forest into the lush grassy fields just north of Logan’s house, a dense fog lowers, surrounding him. Breathing in the warm misty air, he feels so peaceful, so sleepy. His senses dull. He is weightless, like floating in a cool swimming pool on a hot summer night. Eyes closed, he leans his head back, falling into soft comfort. He sleeps.

Nick wakes from the most tranquil of naps to the sensation of a warm, loving hug. A warm, wet, fleshy, full-body hug. There is a smell like freshly tilled soil, but not exactly; musky as well, but not like a wet animal. He can feel in his bones, a vibrating sound like a distant hum. Opening his eyes, they fill with a fluid the viscosity of warm gelatin. It burns. He tries to turn his head but cannot. His jaw aches. In his mouth (open far wider than should be possible) is a thick, python-like muscular tube, it seems to extend down his throat. When he tries to move, he feels it flex and twitch against his lips. Angry, he bites which returns the most intense pain. In absolute terror, he screams, but no sound escapes. His arms are pinned to his hips, and knees will not bend. Fighting back a strong urge to hyperventilate, Nick forces all his energy towards one goal. Escape. He discovers he can bend a few of his toes so very slightly, but that returns even more frightening sensations. With the bend of his big toe, it rubs against something smooth, sticky but hard. Near his right heel something quivers, then slimy and muscular it folds around his toes restricting further movement. Nick feels a cool rush followed by peaceful calm, then deep sleep. 

Not more than three feet away, his lover Zoe sleeps peacefully in the warm, wet embrace of her own fleshy prison."