George Walbroch is well known in college. As one of the star players of the school’s all-star football team, he has enjoyed the kind of popularity that only being an athlete could provide. With that came the influx of women who wished to sleep with him, causing him to become a bit of a playboy as a result. His fun times, however, are about to come to an end. He is graduating college now, and his father is insistent that he come home once his summer internship is finished so he can take over the family business. Not wanting his last time of freedom to go to waste, he ends up informing Brianna Meitner, his coworker, of the crush that he has had on her for a long time. Upon revealing that they would only have two months together before he would have to leave, Brianna gets understandably upset that he would wait so long. Still, deep inside, she has feelings for him too. She wants to date him, but fears that she will lose him as soon as she grows used to having him. Will they be able to overcome their fears in order to live up to their feelings?