Wayward Son
By Joseph Hansen, H.J. Harry

Our world is being systematically stolen, by those who feel that they have the right to control our lives through violence, and nobody is able to stop them. Thugs; terrorists, rapists, thieves…it never matters. What matters is that good people who used to enjoy an evening walk in the park or an ice cream cone down at the corner store can no longer leave their homes at night. Dinner and a movie includes a nine millimeter tucked in your waist band, a knife in your glove box, or a club between the seats. Neighborhoods have lost their safe status. Corner stores now have a thick layer of Plexiglas between the cashier and those he is there to serve. We all have become victims, our sense of security tarnished by those who take what has been earned by others and hurt those whom we love. 

But what if we could fix it? What if we could push a reset button and have all of those people who do bad things suddenly change and become someone we can trust, a person that we could possibly even look up to?

A very powerful group has come together with the understanding that the elimination of crime was on their shoulders. It would save them the budget of several small countries in security costs alone. They take on the endeavor one case at a time using an incredible new technology. Particle separators were a boon to society with their advent, but combined with the newly harnessed energy of dark matter added to the mix, doors were opened. Doors that lead into incredible worlds and planes beyond their imagination. New worlds, reflections in time and new opportunities were suddenly within their grasp and became the building blocks toward their goals, all draped with the desires for the betterment of society. Sadly, doors tend to open both ways and every time someone went out something else could be coming in.

Was there be one solution to eliminate the problem at its source? Surely a project such as this could never function at one hundred percent…what are the casualties? What are the consequences? Is there a way to change a bad person and make the world a safer place without disrupting the natural order of things? Does a man have the right to mold the mind of another? 

Bob had to simply take what he was told at face value. For now. He struggled with these questions. Every day would challenge his decision, his morality, yet persevere he must, as he has committed himself to helping possibly even fixing the only two that he could possibly call son.