Amazon Dot For Beginners

Amazon continuously proves that it is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to technological innovations, especially when it comes to what is known as the Smart Home. Over the years, they have come up with many advancements that truly make life easier, the most recognizable of which being Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa.

Alexa then became the catalyst for Amazon, giving birth to one other extremely important item that can truly make a home smart—and it is none other than Amazon Dot.

In this book you will find everything you need to know about Amazon Dot, also nicknamed “Alexa”, from how to use it, what are the apps that work with it, and basically how it can make your life better—and so much more! After reading this book, you’d certainly be inclined to buy and use the said device.

Here is what you will find inside:

  • What Is the Amazon Dot?
  • Music On The Dot
  • Creating A Smart Home
  • The Alexa App—and What It Can Do For You
  • Alexa’s Skills—What They Mean And What They Can Do
  • Teaching The Dot More Skills
  • Other Commands You Can Use—and Tips To Help Alexa Understand Commands Better!
  • Understanding the Device Even More
  • Personalizing The Dot
  • Troubleshooting The Dot
  • Amazon Dot FAQs
  • BONUS CHAPTER from "Amazon Tap: Amazon Tap For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Tap Now"
  • And Much, Much More...

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