The Now--this moment--is the true source of happiness and peace and the key to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. Embracing the Now is a collection of short essays about the Now that can serve as daily reminders of the deepest truths. Full of clear insight and wisdom, it explains how the mind keeps us out of the Now, how to move into the Now and stay there, and what living from the Now is like. It also explains how to overcome stumbling blocks to being in the moment, such as fears, doubts, judgments, misunderstandings, distrust of life, desires, and other conditioned ideas responsible for human suffering.

From Embracing the Now: "By becoming aware of what else is showing up in life in this moment besides thoughts, you can begin to really live in this moment and respond to it naturally, uncluttered by your mental commentary. You are in the moment but without the ego's influence on it. Spiritual freedom is when the voice of the ego no longer dominates and colors the landscape of life. Rather, it is one small aspect of it--one other thing that comes and goes in this landscape. This voice becomes impersonal--something in the landscape that has no more personal relevance than the bird's song or the temperature of the room. It's experienced, but not experienced as 'you.' Then it's possible to experience the Experiencer--the true Self that is behind all life and behind your life. This Experiencer is in love with life, and when you let it live you, you are in love with life, and your actions and words express that. Freedom from the ego brings a relaxation into the true Self and the possibility of being that in the world instead of the ego."

"Embracing the Now is startlingly clear. On the mainstream nondual spirituality front, Gina Lake is a contender for top author/top teacher honors, along with Eckhart Tolle. Both she and this book have what it takes." -Jerry Katz, author of One: Essential Writings on Nonduality