Three Most Unusual Murders … A Portal to a Ghostly Realm … and Tea Sandwiches Dressed to Impress!

When Jessie and her friends witness the grisly aftermath of three unusual murders, they enter a realm unlike any they’ve ever known in search of answers. Jessie’s still getting used to seeing her dear departed Mother and Granny in spirit form, along with the neighboring shape shifter. However, three mysterious doorways in the Inn’s basement promise more adventure, more mystery...and more newly-discovered abilities.

Will Jessie, her friends Cammy Jo and Ginny, her little Beagle Arthur, and some help from Granny be enough to solve the crime, or will they be lost forever in the Sanctum of Shadows? 

Find out in the new installment of the Whispering Pines Mystery Series.


If you’re tired of poisoned cupcakes, thin mystery plots, flat characters, and a disappointing conclusion…the you’re ready for Jessie Delacroix and her gang of clever, entertaining friends and supernatural cohorts. Get ready for a ride into an intricate and engrossing world with twists and turns unlike anything you’ve seen before – complete with a satisfying, action ending.

From the Author’s of the #1 Bestseller, A Sinister Slice of Murder

Are you too old for Nancy Drew but too young at heart for Jessica Fletcher? Are you craving a solid whodunit that keeps you guessing, with a brassy young detective you can relate to? A gal who manages the slings and arrows of everyday life while solving crimes that the cops can't figure out? And how about just enough of a light paranormal touch to keep it fun and interesting?

Meet Jessie Delacroix, law school dropout and reluctant proprietor of a haunted Bed & Breakfast in a bustling little tourist town outside of Savannah. Join her, along with the bickering ghosts of her mother and grandmother, an insufferable chef with a heart of gold, her mischievous dog, and a whole cast of unique and often hilarious characters. Watch as she explores her new-found psychic powers for some amusing and amazing sleuthing.

Constance Barker brings her famous flair for engaging and lovable characters and locales to the town of Whispering Pines, while A.J. DeBellis adds the twists, turns, and intrigue to bring even more depth to the mysteries you won't be able to put down. Each story in the new series presents a fresh, innovative, and stand-alone mystery, complete with all the drama and humor you're looking for, while at the same time unraveling the incredible backstory and haunting history of Whispering Pines throughout the series.