Your Kids and Your Dream. Motherhood does not mean sacrificing your dreams. Most women believe that they must sacrifice their dreams to be a good mother, or sacrifice their families to succeed professionally. Not true. You can have both. 

I’m Calling You Out! If you’re a Mom, and you feel you were put on this Earth for a special purpose, I’m calling you out. Happy, fulfilled moms create happy families. Show your kids how to follow their dreams by following your own. 

Find Time For it All. In this book I show you how to fulfill your dreams no matter how crazy they are, and be an example for your kids. I have worked with artists, business owners, healers, TV producers, and others who now enjoy plenty of time for their kids, their partner, themselves and their calling. 

Get Pregnant Now. If you struggle to conceive, or have unexplained infertility, read Chapter 8. There is always an explainable reason that blocks your fertility. Discover why there is hope, and how you can become a mom, too. 

Let this book inspire you to experience every drop of motherhood and follow your dream at the same time.