Do you feel like you spend way more time studying than you should or even want to? Truth is, many students do! Of those who don’t, very few know how to use the small amount of time they do study to help them achieve the grades they are after. In either case, this book will help you overcome any obstacles you face when it comes to spending less time studying while also improving your grades. 

The techniques suggested in this book have been used by Despina Gavoyannis and countless other students she has worked with to achieve great academic success. Despina went from failing to placing in the top 4% of the state in less than five months, and in her final year of high school nonetheless. Using the methods she describes in this book, you can also achieve the same, if not completely surpass these results. 

That’s what study hacking is all about. This is the book for you if you find that you: 

- Are uncertain about what to do after you finish school
- Know you have bad habits which are preventing you from succeeding
- Struggle to be organised or to manage your time
- Find that you get stressed out by upcoming exams, university applications or the thought of what to do once you finish school

Going well in school can be a tough process. Becoming a study hacker will make your success in this process as effortless and as easy as possible!