Do you have a good business and want to make it great? 

Most business owners aren’t as successful as they should be. You reach a point where you get stuck under a glass ceiling; growth stalls and your model can’t scale any further. It’s a struggle to attract new or larger customers, and you find yourself working harder and harder for less and less return. Due to skill gaps as well as difficulty in recruiting and retaining top team members, burn out becomes inevitable. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! 

For over a decade, award-winning Business Strategist & Coach George Zenon has presented to thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs and has directly helped more than 300 businesses in 34 industries, smash through their glass ceiling, maximise the performance of all areas of their business and create more profit, scale and success. 

Looking at existing ideas in a new way can often give you the breakthrough needed to move from mediocrity to greatness. Being bold enough to act and brave enough to follow through, can be the difference between having a booming business and one that is stuck under a glass ceiling, not performing as well as it should. 

Learn these proven strategies that have been tried and tested in over 300 businesses: 

• The Niche Maker - Attract high quality, targeted leads
• The Engagement Triangle - Turn cold prospects into convinced buyers
• The 6 Key Growth Drivers - Structure your business for scale and growth
• The Team Development Cycle - Build and maintain an ‘A- Grade’ team
• The Time Value Amplifier - Boost your personal productivity
• And much more...

This book is perfect for any business owner or entrepreneur with the drive, determination and willingness to turn their good, stalled or stuck business, into a BOOMING business.