Are you working too many hours? Are your team members useless? Does your business need you in it constantly to grow and prosper? In Lead-the-Ship, husband and wife team Edward and Rebecca Plant talk straight about why you find it hard to get the results you want from your business and those in your employ; and how to get them doing the heavy lifting for you. 

The pair, Edward and Rebecca, juggle marriage, children and two business arms and in this book show how 100s of businesses have turned the tables on being slaves to their operation to leaders of their own ultimate experience. Through case studies, stories and dozens of practical tips, they show the way to decision-makers who are trying to figure out how to make more money and get more time off. 

This step-by-step guide to freedom from your business teaches: 

Β· How to go from $70,000 a month and 80 hours a week to $150,000 a month and 40 hours a week

Β· How to create a business culture that drives growth for you

Β· How to improve your staff performance by 20% in days

Β· How to create buy-in and build a business rhythm that propels your results

Β· How to make more money while you're on holidays than you do when you're in the office "The ability to β€˜lead-your-ship’, is to influence and motivate other people to move in the direction that you desire."